Abjection – Simon Schneider

Simon Schneider – writer

Simon SchneiderSimon Schneider writer for Abjection

Simon is an award-winning writer with experience in the film festival circuit and commercial endeavours. He has recently completed his studies at Bournemouth University in Scriptwriting for Film and Television and looks forward to working more actively in the industry. He’s worked on a number of different media platforms including radio, film, television, online content, advertising and video games.

When it comes to storytelling, Simon believes that to make writing truly captivating it needs to test an audience and challenge what they’re used to seeing. A good story is self-aware and knows the journey it will take an audience from start to finish, it uses every tiny detail at its disposal to ensure this. Simon’s preference is to craft tragic stories for nuanced characters he develops and expands upon.

He will see every project through to the end and offers guidance within production of a project as he believes writing doesn’t stop when the scripts finished. He performs as a story consult and has a wealth of experience in writing animation. Many independent projects of Simon’s have been picked up by independent film-makers for his unique dark and pensive style. He owes this to inspirations such as Jhonen Vasquez, David Thorne and The Coen Brothers.

Motorcycle Journals Documentary

Motorcycle Journals Documentary
Moto Guzzi DondelinoMotorcycle Journals Documentary

Our latest and most ambitious film project, Motorcycle Journals a Documentary Film, is being filmed across multiple locations across Dorset and Hampshire.

We have filmed some of the most iconic bikes produced in the last 100 years, from racers to custom motorcycles.

Discovering along the way the culture that goes with motorcycle ownership, talking to bikers about their relationship with their bikes and how their lives revolve around this unique and in many cases passion for everything motorcycle.

The documentary is still in the filming stage and we hope to wrap in the next few weeks in time for inclusion into the important film festivals.

Watch this space for more details and a new trailer which we soon upload here.


Abjection – Laura-Giselle Hardie

Laura-Giselle Hardie
Laura-Giselle HardieAbjection a short film, featuring Laura-Giselle Hardie as Erica

After Laura’s 13 years experience of ballet she found her passion for acting after being persuaded to study it at college by her mother. Continuing on to study Acting BA at the local Arts University, though enjoying the course Laura left after several weeks, finding herself unsuited to it’s environment, and began her education of the profession within the working world. It was at this time she found herself engaged in her first short film role and from this it spring boarded, getting involved in everything she could in whatever capacity they would take her in, from local professional features, student shorts, local stage and street performances.

Her love for challenges and new diverse experiences has seen her to help choreograph fight sequences and dance routines, face off a Thomas the Tank Engine paper mask in a Green Screen Studio and learnt to play and sing 2 songs on a Ukele in the space of 4 days from scratch to name but a few.

Since starting out Laura has appeared in several music videos, the most recent of which premiered on Clash Magazine, and feature films, for which she is credited as main cast, VO for several corporate videos, dabbled in modelling with 2 editorials being published in 3 different magazines, as well as the numerous student and professional short films, several of which have gone on to be entered into festivals.

Abjection – Laura Harvey

Laura Harvey

Laura HarveyLaura Harvey

Laura Harvey, Studied MA at Edinburgh University and graduate of Bournemouth University with a BA in Scriptwriting for TV and Film. Laura primarily works behind the scenes occasionally stepping in front of the camera believing it benefits future scriptwriting and directing projects to understand what is expected of an actor, and also because it’s a lot of fun.Laura Harvey Zombie

Laura started her own film and photography media company in 2007

Creative3g Media. Working both locally and around the world Laura’s portfolio includes working for a film agency in New Zealand and filming P&O’s new Fly-Med advert around the Mediterranean on board the cruise ship Ventura. A short film Laura wrote and directed ‘The Decision Maker’ highlighting the treatment of the sick and disabled by ATOS gained over 2,000 views within 48hrs when released through social media. Laura has also written 2 festival award winning scripts and is currently writing and directing a new web series ‘With the Spirit of Audrey’ which begins filming soon.

In 2010 Laura performed a successful one woman show entitled “Kia Kaha Wahine’ (meaning ‘be strong women’ in Maori) based upon her book of the same title. Kia Kaha Wahine is a moving, inspirational and often very funny book based around her own experiences with Ovarian Cancer. Supported by Macmillan Cancer and local cancer charities Kia Kaha Wahine is due to be re-published via Amazon and Kindle later on this year.Laura Harvey

Laura’s vision and passion is to portray and develop inspirational and positive female characters within her work and projects whilst offering opportunities for women within media to work in an encouraging and fun environment. The cast and crew of the web series ‘With the Spirit of Audrey’ is 90% female.

Laura took behind the scenes and promotional photography for Abjection, with some of the images being used in the eye-catching Abjection poster.

Laura likes to support fellow BU media students, helping anyway she can with production photography and headshots. She can be contacted on

Abjection – Alison Benezra

Alison Benezra
Alison Benezra in Abjection

Alison Benezra
Growing up in Elstree Hertfordshire surrounded by the famous studios and film and TV sets  Alison has always had a love and a passion for acting and the arts since she was young.  In the past She has worked in different careers for film and television companies but her love for acting is a career that she has only recently started to take up seriously. Spending many years as a successful magician and entertainer she has had a lot of experience performing in a stage environment throughout the uk.

She currently runs a successful training academy where she teaches students how to perform and create children’s shows, become magicians and how to run a business… Since deciding to turn her acting dream into a reality she has taken acting classes in Los Angeles and the uk and currently trains in the local Dorset area with Nick Meany. To develop and further her training she is about to embark on an acting course with world renowned acting coach Mel Churcher which she is very excited about! Since completing abjection she has been very busy and is currently cast in a webseries where she is playing a comedy villain…. Alison is excited to see where her adventures take her

She is a member of equity and you can find out more  at

Abjection – Tobiasz Tomczynski

Tobiasz Tomczynski
Tobiasz Tomczynski in Abjection

Tobiasz Tomczynski

Living locally to Bournemouth, Tobiasz is one of the few young actors in the area who is not currently on a course at the local university. A born local, he works part time at a Tesco Express as a Customer Assistant, though he is currently the store’s Forum Rep and operates the CCTV in store. When he is not there, he is working on other ventures.

Besides the acting, he often partakes in a live stream of the game “GTA V” with friends and has appeared in several online videos. Along with that, he has dabbled in the world of writing and would one day like to write a book of his own.

Tobiasz began acting professionally in films in 2012, having only appeared on stage or as an extra in Channel 4’s docu-drama “Relief of Belsen” back in 2007. Primarily appearing in university projects at the start, he has gone on to appear in four locally filmed mini-feature/feature films.

His best known feature appearance was in the British gangster film “Stich’d Up”, where he played John Jo, a ruthless member of the local firm. Along with the feature films, Tobiasz has predominately begun to act in pilot episodes or film samples used to kickstart a feature.

In 2013 alone, he appeared in five pilot episodes as a regular cast member. As of the production of “Abjection”, he has worked in 38 projects and has another one to be filmed shortly.  Tobiasz can be contacted at