The Arts Bournemouth a Documentary style promotional video

Starting with the brief

The brief was  to produce a short promotional video between 5 and 10 minutes long for the promotion of the Evening and Saturday Short Courses offered by the Arts University Bournemouth.

After Effects Animation

The client requested the addition of inspirational titles, which initially were just going to be static titles cross dissolving from one to the next, but instead I decided to create a short sequence in Adobe After Effects as I knew from experience it was something I could easily put together. Also it would look much more impressive as an intro rather than the alternative of a static title. Of course it is much more labour intensive and would take a few hours to design and create but I and most importantly the client thought the effort was worth it.

Promotional Video – full version

The production of the promotional video itself took place over several evenings and a Saturday morning, as we wanted to film the actual classes and interview tutors while they were actively engaged with their students. The film has a documentary feel to it, a mixture of interviews and observation (B-roll), which seems to work well. For the final version I worked with the client to decide what was important to include in the film and what additional pick up shots would be needed to promote the key features of the course and benefits of studying at the AUB, after editing the final film was just short of nine minutes long. This version is intended to be shown at events and in lectures to prospective students in lecture theatres. A short sub 60 second version was edited for upload to the internet for use on the short courses website and in online promotion.

The short version of the promotional video

While using some of the same footage, I have edited it to run at a much faster pace than the full version video and with a music only soundtrack. The short After Effects animation again appearing at the start and end of the short film showing the inspirational messaging and the inclusion of the final sequence, a call to action – contact the short course department.

Cameras and some of the kit used in the creation of the promotional video

The actual production took place over a few weeks on an evening and on the odd day basis, In all I estimate 3 days in filming. The cameras used varied depending on what was available and with the introduction of new kit.

My old but great Canon 60D was used at the outset for most of the filming in conjunction with a Canon 650D for both the interviewing and B-roll. The opening sequence was filmed on my iPhone 6 using the DJI Osmo, while only a short sequence of this footage was used in the final version of the promotional video, there are several minutes shot in several locations that did not make it to the final cut.

Canon C300 MK1Finally I shot some of the interview and campus footage using my Canon C300 with the trusty 24mm to 105mm F4 L and a newly acquired Tokina 12mm to 28mm F2.8

Sound came from a mixture of shotgun microphone recording directly to camera (Stereo) and shotgun recording to a Zoom H4N (Mono). The interviews were recorded to the external recorder with the microphone attached to a microphone stand positioned as close to the subject as possible in fact just out of shot. The stereo microphone was used to record general ambience as I wanted the sounds of the students rather than just a music track.

The Team.

This is going to be a very short list, I Directed, Filmed, Edited and Produced with 2nd camera and sound by BU student Will Pattenden.

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Smudgerhunt Film – RED (Kickboxer)

RED (Kickboxer)

Smudgerhunt Film REDRED (Kickboxer) – short film

RED is a short film shot on a RED Epic camera.

The concept of the film was designed around the capabilities of the camera to shoot at high frame rates up to 320 fps and it’s large sensor with a resolution up to 5K.

The film central concept is the action sequence between 2 Kickboxers as they battle for the attention of the femme fatale.

Smudgerhunt Film - Femme Fatale RED

Watch the film

Cast and Crew

Directed by Nor Hazlin Nor Salam and Bo Yu,
Choregraphy by Listya Widyasari
Starring Feyzal Senpai, Thomas Bett and Beatriz Delgado Mena,
DOP Ian F Hunt and Camera by Dimitrious Masouras


Motorcycle Journals – Official Trailer

motorcycle journals

Moto Guzzi DondelinoMotorcycle Journals the Official Trailer

The premier of Motorcycle Journals and first screening will take place in just a few short weeks time. In the meantime please enjoy the official trailer for Motorcycle Journals the Documentary the first in a series of documentaries “True Stories of Bikers and their Machines’

We talk to motorcycle owners about their motorcycles their lifestyle and passion for everything motorcycling. From the owners of early motorcycles, motorcycle collections, the motorcycle museums and motorcycling memorabilia. There are contributions from the public and celebrated motorcycle sports personalities.

Everything takes place in England’s New Forest and the wonderful scenery of Dorset’s World Heritage coastline.

Abjection – The Official Trailer


Hannaj Bang Bendz AbjectionAbjection The Official Trailer a short film about Zombies and Cyborgs

Abjection is a short film and pilot for a feature film and/or web series.

Abjection a sci-fi film set in a post-apocalyptic World populated by Zombies. We follow Erica, a newly turned zombie trapped in a Cybernetic armored suit that controls her actions preventing her from devouring human  flesh.
We started filming in late 2014 for the live action sequences and location shots for submission for grading and assessment on our University course but the final film will be completed after our course finishes.
The film is expected to be completed in 2017 with the final filming of the title sequences and some pick up shots. It is currently in Post Production the adding of visual effects and final editing.
We hope to submit to the film festivals hopefully by the beginning of 2017 or as soon as the film has been completed.

Jamie Fowler Abjection ZombieAbjection is one of the short films produced for assessment for our Masters Project and a hurried version was put forward at the time. Now that the Masters has been completed we are adding additional footage and special effects we were not able to include at the time. As I write this  we are still in the process of filming a title sequence and adding some effects before final edit. We expect to have completed this by the end of 2016 and will then submit to the 2016/17 Film Festivals. We hope to have some success, the  aim is to beat the well performing short film and documentary ‘White Lining’, which was successful at 3 film festivals.