White Lining

White Lining

White Lining Documentary Short Film


Where it all began, this is the very first film created by Bournemouth University Students, Nor Hazlin Salam and Ian F. Hunt, the filmmaking team that went onto form Smudgerhunt Film.


White Lining Movie PosterThis short documentary created as part of a Bournemouth University student project and filmed in just a few days in 2014 as we follow a road gang painting white lines on England’s roads.

On the face of it another real life story about ordinary people and their daily jobs, but this story has a unexpected twist as we start to look in more depth at the people and their jobs.

As we admire the skill of road gang as they hand paint the lines and circles that we take for granted, the lines on our roads, parking spaces and even the runways of the Airports.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Hak- Is Short Film Festival - 2018But there’s the twist to the story and we develop this thread as the film progresses, be prepared to be surprised, just as many film festivals have been over the years. The full length film is not in the public domain, so keep an eye out for film festival screening dates, which we will post on our Facebook Pages.


XPO North 2015This short film in the future could be developed into a Web Series about working people and their jobs or feature in a full length documentary by Smudgerhunt Film the video production company setup by  students to showcase our films and creative talent.