Smudgerhunt Film – Ian F. Hunt Cinematographer

Ian F. Hunt Cinematographer

Ian F. Hunt Cinematographer

Ian F. Hunt Cinematographer & Director Of Photography

Ian Hunt has lived in the Bournemouth area for over 10 years, having moved from London. He is highly qualified, with Degrees in Digital Media Production and Electrical & Electronic Engineering and with a  Masters Degree in Cinematography which he completed in 2014.

Ian Hunt Cinematographer and Director Of Photography, Ian has worked on over 30 films, some still in production or post production and being targeted for festival submission in 2015 and 2016.

Ian has worked in professional Television and Theatre as a Lighting Engineer and International Project Engineer. Working on Lighting in TV Studios and Theatres in London’s West End Theatres, Europe’s Premier Theatres and TV Studios and projects in the Middle and Far East.

Employed as a International Projects Engineer Ian has managed teams of engineers building and commissioning TV Studios in Egypt, Jordan and Malaysia. Key skills in commissioning production and lighting systems and training crew and production people.

Ian is a award-winning lighting engineer/designer and has won awards for Lighting and Technical Theatre. He is also a occasional  writer and has had articles published in Film Magazines.

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Ian has knowledge and experience of working with a variety of cameras from DSLR’s including Canon 5D MKII and MKIII, Canon C100, C300, Red Epic and Arri Alexa. Ian currently owns his own Canon C300. He is also an experienced editor with key knowledge and experience using Premier Pro CC.

Ian is the  Cinematographer and one of the founding members of the Indie Film Production company, ‘Smudgerhunt Film’ formed in 2014 and now with several completed films currently circulating on the Festival circuit, One of which has been successful at 3 Film Festivals so far in 2015.

2016 is looking busy already with two short films shot and in post production and a 3rd scheduled to begin filming soon while Ian is expanding his Teaching experience. Ian occasionally teaches a Digital Film Production course at University. Watch this space for more details.



Testimonials - DCC Coastal Walks‘Ian worked with us using his endless patience and inspiration to produce a beautifully shot and edited film, presenting a complex and inherently controversial project in a clear, interesting and visually captivating way’.

Suzanne Powner, Coastal Access Officer, Dorset County Council.

relayslogo - TestimonialsIan worked on a voluntary basis as a filmmaker for the South West’s Legacy Trust UK project, RELAYS (Regional Educational Legacy for Arts and Youth Sport). He also worked alongside community projects which had been awarded the London 2012 Inspire mark between March and July 2012.  Ian is a motivated individual who listens to the client and works hard to portray the intentions and messages of their project. Ian dedicated a lot of his free time to assist in delivering a successful brief and I wish him every success with his future career.

Jo Gardner, RELAYS Cultural Coordinator, AUB

Bournemouth University - Free Your Fitness Project - sportBU Testimonials
Ian Hunt has worked on filming ‘Free Your Fitness’ sports activities over the last term. Ian has uploaded the videos onto YouTube and I was able to use the videos as part of a presentation I carried out to Sport England. The videos went down well with the Sport England staff and everyone from other Universities enjoyed watching the rewards of the work that Ian has carried out.
Ian was always on hand to meet when I requested him to, was happy to attend a variety of activities and carried out filming to a good standard.
I will be able to use the videos that Ian has done, for the future benefit of the ‘Free Your Fitness’ Project and would just like to take this opportunity to thank Ian for the filming that he has done.

Signed: CHRIS PAYNE Date: 20/05/2013 Chris Payne : Sports Activator – Free Your Fitness Project sportBU

Smudgerhunt Film – Nor Hazlin Nor Salam. Director

Nor Hazlin Nor Salam

Nor Hazlin Nor SalamNor Hazlin Nor Salam

DIRECTOR/CO-PRODUCER: Nor Hazlin Nor Salam (MA in Film and Television Directing)

Nor Hazlin Nor Salam is a 33 year old filmmaker from Malaysia and has garnered her experiences in six commercial feature films and two episodic drama series in the Malaysian film industry as first, second and third assistant Director. In 2012 Hazlin was given the opportunity by Metrowealth Movie productions in Malaysia to Co-Direct, whilst also juggling the position of a First assistant Director on a Primetime Drama series. Hazlin also works as a freelance Video Editor and Videographer and have edited renowned Malaysian celebrity show reels.

Hazlin is also a resident acting-coach at Metrowealth Movie productions and also lectures part-time in a few Private Colleges on film theory subjects. Hazlin who has obtained a BA in Mass Communication, from Curtin University Australia Majoring in Film and Television, was awarded Valedictorian for Graduate of year 2004 and earned a high distinction in the Documentary Theory subject. Hazlin’s postgraduate studies in the UK at Bournemouth University are fully sponsored by the Malaysian Multimedia Development Corporation (MDEC) and she is currently pursuing an MA in Film and Television Directing. In realizing her dreams of becoming a film Director, Hazlin’s main objective is to produce an impactful film that is not only aesthetically pleasing, entertaining but also meaningful.

See Hazlin’s website


Experimental Film – DIAGONAL (2022)

experimental film Diagonal

Director Statement

This is a new development in my film research into memory conceptualisation in Cinema. Using found footage from the late 19th and early 20th century I created a short experimental film in the style of a City Symphony. While not a true example of the City Symphony as it is filmed across serval locations it does retain the essential components of this rare genre film. This film is number 3 of 3 films sharing a similar aesthetic style, the others Vertical and Horizontal are still in production at this time.

Experimental Film Diagonal

These films have a number of common elements

– multiple layers
– movement in contrasting directions
– heavily treated and remastered source footage (colourised and stabilised), traveling pov shots (phantom rides)
– The imagery of vehicles and bodies in motion.
– repetitive music that matches the repetitive images and which is overlaid on the sound of a projector.
– They are primarily non-narrative, although the music and the movements depicted sometimes imply narrative development.
– They can also, obviously, be read as elements of larger narratives.

The use of masks is quite effective in complicating the relationship between the different images so that it is sometimes hard to see them as discrete layers. I think this effect – where it becomes difficult to see the separate layers – is really effective as a way of capturing a certain experience of memory (where images, moments from different times are conjoined and confused as we attempt to remember the past).

Also, I think the image of movement – of moving bodies – is a good way of suggesting and evoking both the idea of the complex and unstable structure of memory, and the sense of history as something that is dynamic and ever-changing, ever-moving, rather than something that is stable and fixed. Water is therefore an interesting symbolic image in this regard.

I think the use of clearly remastered imagery is interesting. It means this is not about nostalgia for analogue film, or for some authentic past, but instead suggests that new image technologies can give us access to the past. There is a broader significance to this conceptualisation of the past – and history – as something that has to be revisited and renarrated continually. (Bennett 2022)

Experimental Film - The CAHOOTIFY JustMakeIt! Film Conference
Official Selection The CAHOOTIFY JustMakeIt! Film Conference 2022

Remember – Experimental Short Film

Remember – Experimental Short Film

Remember Film Festivals


Honourable Mention at the New Generation Film Fextival
NGFF Film Festival 2020
‘Remember’ official selection for the Aphrodite Film Awards 2020
New Generation Film Festival ‘Remember’ poster
NGFF Certificate
New Generation Film Festival 2020 Honourable Mention for the experimental shot film ‘Remember’

A short experimental film using the poem “Remember” by Christina Rossetti as creative influence and represented in a dance sequence, the visuals influenced by the work of Etienne-Jules Marey. Music with the permission of the Atlanta Master Chorale.

This is my first student film project after coming out of lockdown. Such a joy to be filming again in the University Studios. Aimee is a professional dancer and has also been in lockdown for nearly 6 months.
Remember is one of my experimental film projects for my PhD Film practice and my research into memory representation and dance movement in film.
I used a rim lighting setup to enhance the edges of the performer creating an almost silhouette effect but still revealing details of the performance by Aimee.
The inspiration for the film came from the poem by Christina Rossetti (born London, 1830). The visuals are complimented by a chorale performance of the poem by the Atlanta Master Chorale, Atlanta, Georgia (USA) Artistic Director and Conductor: Dr. Eric Nelson Composed by Bob Chilcott, Oxford University Press. Many thanks to James Verrecchia the Executive Director who kindly gave me permission to use their performance.

Official short trailer for the film project ‘Remember’

Clone Trails created in Premiere Proc CC using masking.

Using the poem “Remember” as creative influence I decided to film a short dance sequence for the visuals with a voice over. The concept is to represent the loss of memory and integrate this into the much larger practice on the conceptualisation of memory in cinema.

This is the instrumental only version still using the poem “Remember” by Christina Rossetti as creative influence, represented in a dance sequence, and the visuals could be described as having been influenced by the work of Etienne-Jules Marey.

Remember (1849)

Remember me when I am gone away,
Gone far away into the silent land;
When you can no more hold me by the hand,
Nor I half turn to go yet turning stay.
Remember me when no more day by day
You tell me of our future that you planned:
Only remember me; you understand
It will be late to counsel then or pray.

Yet if you should forget me for a while
And afterwards remember, do not grieve:
For if the darkness and corruption leave
A vestige of the thoughts that once I had,
Better by far you should forget and smile
Than that you should remember and be sad.

By Christina Rossetti

Studio session (Monday 17th August 2020)

Two camera setup Canon C300 and Canon 5D MK3.

Concept One. The studio is dark, very dimly lit. Using the 2 light panels. The aim is for the dancer to move in and out of the light and the lens. Visually a silhouette, backlighted dancing in front of a static camera. Rim Lighting setup.

Concept Two. The studio is brightly lighted using the house lights. The dancer interacts with the moving camera. No lighting rig available so used 4 led lightpanels, setup to cover the performance area. Canon C300 used handheld.

Additional Visuals: Capture close and extreme close movements for both concepts. Hand and foot movements. Face and head movement.


For the performance (performer to supply) Post production: anything with a regular beat to use as a background to cut to.

Flat 3 The Hoarder

Flat 3 The Hoarder, another film in the Lockdown Film series exploring flashback in films.


Lockdown continues, food was getting low and sanity was in short supply. Food deliveries arrive and the mood is lifted but there’s no toilet roll. The flatmates sit at the table discussing alternatives; newspapers, magazines even a first draft thesis are suggested as alternatives. But one of them has a secret, a cupboard full of carefully hoarded toilet roll.

Scene 1

The flatmates are at the table there’s a pile of newspapers, magazines and a stack of paper. The discussion is toilet roll alternatives “has no one got any toilet roll”?

Scene 2 (Flashback to the day before)

The Hoarder Lockdown Films FlashbackThe flatmates come into the kitchen loaded down with bags full of food which they are excited about as they unpack the bags onto the table. “there’s no toilet roll, did no one order any”? But there is Spam says Spam Guy.

Scene 3

The table is still piled with toilet roll alternatives as the flatmates sit around the table with a cup of tea in front of them. “Anyone got any sugar substitute”? asks Ja. “In my cupboard says David. Ja goes to the wrong cupboard “Not that one, shouts David it’s the bottom cupboard” too late as Ja opens the top cupboard a deluge of toilet roll falls to the floor and over Ja.

Scene 4 (Flashback to another day)

The Hoarder Flashback to the previous day
I shall name this toilet roll Kevin

David is on his own in the kitchen adding to his hoard of toilet roll carefully piling them in one at a time. Each one caressed and named as they go in (David’s mental health is not great at this time)

Scene 5

The Hoarder revenge is sweet (Flashback)The table is piled high with toilet roll the camera lifts up to reveal David is tied and gagged (with toilet roll). Sophie and Ja sit at the table opposite each other, as Sophie hands a toilet roll to Ja “one for you” and takes one for herself “and one for me”. David makes a growling sound and Ja leans over and stuffs more toilet roll into David’s mouth, “shut up you” says Ja.

Shot list

  1. Scene 4 Flashback sequence. David adds to his hoard. Close up of David looking through half open door.
  2. Scene 4 Cupboard door. Mid-shot over shoulder as David opens kitchen door to reveal pile of toilet rolls.
  3. Scene 4 Adding each of the toilet rolls to the pile. Mid-shot/close up profile view – camera tracks in slightly.
  4. Scene 1 Alternatives to toilet rolls. Wide-shot of the 3 seated around the table.
  5. Scene 1 David only, catch facial expression. (I only use a few sheets a day). Mid-shot/close up of David reading ‘Inside Wuhan’ magazine.
  6. Scene 2 Flashback sequence. Food delivery arrives (Put box on table to save time). Wide-shot include all 3 in shot and the contents of the box.
  7. Scene 2 Spam Guy. Close up of David holding the tin of spam.
  8. Scene 3 The table is filled with toilet roll alternatives (Sophie reading ‘Make a Will’. Wide shot of all 3 seated at the table, cut off Ja so that she moves out of shot when she stands up.
  9. Scene 3 Ja opens the wrong cupboard. Mid-shot profile view, possible follow shot as the contents are released, as Ja opens cupboard which is set to release the pile of toilet rolls.
  10. Scene 3 Slo-motion shot. Camera set to 120 fps. Over-shoulder shot as Ja opens cupboard, possible follow as the toilet rolls fall to the floor.
  11. Scene 5 The table is piled high with toilet rolls. Sophie is dealing them out. Track up over toilet rolls to reveal all 3 seated around the table.
  12. Scene 5 David only. Close up of David tied and gagged.

The Hoarder toilet roll is running low (Flashback)Flashback Filming and script decisions.

The overall concept was to continue to explore the concept of the use of flashbacks in the narrative and filming processes.

This film is a sequel to the previous film, ‘Flat 3 does Isolation’ (2020) and so some of the technical decisions were already in place, for example filming using my iPhone 8 Plus using a DJI Osmo mobile stabiliser.

While it appears that it is generally the case that you tend not to film in sequence it does seem to be almost a requirement when shooting flashback sequences, as the time of shooting may be different as will in most cases the location. Although in this case the location is restricted because of lockdown. For example, the sequence of Spam Guy restocking his hoard was actually shot the evening before to save time and costume changes on the main day of filming. I felt it was important to include a slo-motion sequence of the toilet rolls falling onto Jaihui, which unfortunately for Jaihui needed several takes, 2 for the profile shot (she jumped out of the way) and 3 for the slo-motion sequence.

I edited the entire film aiming for a runtime of 90 seconds but due to narrative decisions the final edit had a 1 minute 45 seconds runtime but importantly kept below the 2-minute limit for most of the important micro short film festivals. I also edited a 30 second trailer for sharing on social media.


I had already sourced the music for the previous film and decided to reuse this as it helps to tie both films together, in anticipation of them being used in a web series.


Flat 3 Does Isolation

Flat 3 Does Isolation

How the film came into being

Like so many of us in the pandemic we had time on our hands. So me and my flatmates decided to make a film about life in lockdown. So in less than a few hours we had a script, an hours rehearsal and filming using my iPhone 8 Plus began later that same afternoon and in less than 48 hours the film was completed.


We had so much fun making this and with the lockdown to continue for the foreseeable future we are thinking about making a sequel.

Film Festival Asia South East Short Film Festival

Yayu and The Wimborne Folk Festival gets a special mention at the Asia South East – Short Film Festival

Film Festival

Yayu and The Wimborne Folk Festival receives a special mention at the Asia South East Short Film Festival 2019 .The Asia South East – Short Film Festival is a seasonal film festival that gives international audiences a chance to see a wide variety of the great short films that are being produced from around the world.

It is curated by WWCSFF Film Festivals, the same team that produces the London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival, the UK Seasonal Short Film Festival and the London-X4 Seasonal Short Film Festival in the United Kingdom.

Film Festival updates

Film Festivals

The documentary short Yayu and The Wimborne Folk Festival adds 2 more film festivals to its current run on the International Film Festival circuit.

Semi-Finalist at the International Moving Film Festival in Iran
Official Selection at the WOW Film Festival, Tunisia

We are very pleased to have been selected by the WOW film festival. WOW celebrates women in film, recognising the subject of the documentary and the work she does in promoting her home countries street food in her adopted country.

Updated film poster with the added laurels for the WOW Film Festival and The International Moving Film Festival


Yayu and the Wimborne Folk Festival

Finalist Aphrodite Film Awards 2018

Yayu and the Wimborne Folk Festival a Cinéma Vérité style short documentary and web/television series.

FINALIST Aphrodite Film Awards New York


Yayu & The Wimborne Folk Festival is now a FINALIST for Best Documentary short for the 2018 Aphrodite Film Awards in New York.


Yayu & The Wimborne Folk Festival has been officially selected for the 2018 Aphrodite Film Awards in New York.

London International Motion Pictures Awards


Yayu & The Wimborne Folk Festival has been officially selected for the London International Motion Picture Awards 2019

The Official Trailer Yayu & The Wimborne Folk Festival

Listya posing with the Canon C300 and Canon 60D. Taking a break from Filming Yayu and the Wimborne Folk Festival
Taking a break from Filming

For this Television shoot we filmed the 2018 Wimborne Folk Festival over two days, using my trusted Canon C300 MK1 and now relatively ancient Canon 60D, operated by my goto camera person Listya, who knows this camera and my preferred style of filming from us working on so many film projects together. I like the observational style of documentary filming but of course my filming subjects are interacting with the camera in the Cinéma Vérité style, which I think works well and is significantly better in my experience than the default documentary style, where you film a bit of footage, fly on the wall and insert interviews in a boring fashion in between the action or add on narrative because the images don’t really interpret what is going on. Although I have of course added some narration myself but only the minimal amount required for a very short sequence in the film.

Aputure LED Lighting used on Yayu and The Wimborne Folk Festival
Aputure LED lighting

As well as using my own cameras I also got to use my newly acquired Aputure LED lighting for the interior scenes shot in the restaurants kitchen. These new lights are a vast improvement over the Red Heads I used to have. They are battery powered and CRI 95+ (Colour Rating Index) rated, which means they are effectively daylight rated, They were perfect for indoor use in the limited space of a kitchen and independent of power sockets. This meant they could be positioned in just the right location without the compromise of being near a power socket or with the limitations of having to use extension cables  and their associated risk assessments, trip hazard etc.

As usual I made sure I had plenty of coverage, I’ve probably got enough footage to create several film edits, but as this is hopefully destined for commercial Television or web series the required length is typically around 20 minutes including credits, to allow for advertising during its 30 minute slot. I might create a standalone edit of the festival for promotional purposes by Wimborne B.I.D if requested.

The full Folk Dance sequence ( Fertility Dance )

Yau & The Wimborne Folk Festival is in post production, which I am editing on my recently updated MacBook Pro running the latest version of Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC. There’s several updates to the latest versions of Adobe CC, which includes some very interesting title creation tools, which I may include in creating the final version of this edit. Watch out for my blog entry on this.

Finalist Aphrodite Film Awards 2018

I am also currently working on my least favourite part of the filmmaking and editing process, creating English captions for the International markets. I tried one of the few automated processes first, with some hilarious results, but for accuracy you really have to just sit down and transcribe the film, create a list and manually copy and paste into the captions box and the timeline.

With the filming completed and editing well under way, there’s already plans to create the followup episode and indeed episodes to be filmed both here in the UK and in Indonesia at the end of the year with support from the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Yayu Garden PartyA short extract from the Indonesian Television Pilot ‘Yayu & the Wimborne Folk Festival’ , which will soon be released this year. This scene was created to explore Indonesian culture here in England. As Yayu is in the process of creating a greater presence in the UK promoting Indonesia culture through her food and books.

Yayu Garden Party – a short extract from the film ‘Yayu and The Wimborne Folk Festival’

Finding Alice

Finding Alice a short film produced by Smudgerhunt Film and in conjunction with Wolamywise Productions.

Film Festivals and Screenings





Finding Alice official selection for the XPO North Cultural and Film Festival, 27th – 28th June in Inverness Scotland. Congratulations team and our film production partners Wolamywise.

Berlin Flash Film Peoples Choice Award Laurels








Finding Alice wins the Peoples choice award at the Berlin Flash Film Festival 2017

Berlin Fast Film Festival








Finding Alice official selection for the Berlin Flash Film Festival 2017


Finding Alice has been almost 2 years in the making, having been shot in four locations. These include Inverness in Scotland, the Lake District, London and Dorset using very limited equipment:- My trusty Canon 60D, a Canon Powershot and my iPhone 6.

Geetha Anandarajan
Geetha Anandarajan

Geetha Anandarajan is cast as the main character Annie along side the other main character Joshua Ward who takes the part of ‘The Narrator’ or the voice and controller of fate.

Directed by Smudgerhunt Films, Nor Hazlin Nor Salam and filmed by me Ian F. Hunt as Director of Photography, with everyone pitching in with camera as required.

The film is from an original script written by Geetha and Hazlin, the short version was used to produce this film and there is the idea to film and produce a longer version in the future.

For now the aim is to get it out to the Film Festivals for 2017 season.

Finding Alice - Annie gets a sign

The Synopsis

Finding Alice tells the story of Annie facing a crossroad in life as she seeks for truth in a world of lies. Does she succeed or does she succumb?

Directors Statement

This film ‘Finding Alice’ serendipitously came together through a brief discussion I had with my writer about a woman’s lost of faith in a patriarchal structure. In Annie’s existential conflict, she began to lose the voice in her head she believes to be ‘the controller of fate’. We then see her attempting to escape His shadows, as she reaches back into the object that defined her childhood innocence in hope that this would help find her way to a new life, a life free from stigmas and dogmas. The irony is in fact, that Annie in the end realises that there is no escape and that she could only succumb to i’ the omnipresent voice’ which was expressed through a lifeless ‘dance of death’. ‘Finding Alice’ is a story about the loss of faith, hope and the desire for autonomy.

Stills from Finding Alice

Finding Alice - The book has been answered Finding Alice = The Mad Hatter found in London Finding Alice - The answer is in the book Finding Alice - Wolamywise Productions

Abjection and Film Festivals

Oniros Filma Awards Winner Best B-Movie 2017

The Directors Cut completed 2017

In the early part of 2017 we decided to put the newly completed Directors edit of Abjection forward to the European Film Festivals.

Film Festivals

CIM Sueca Film Festival

Film Festivals Official Selection CIM Sueca Official

Film Festivals the award winning film Abjection

It’s a few months later 18/08/2017 and we have just had our first official selection for the CIM sueca film festival, which can be found here

To quote the film festivals organisers “We hope to stimulate countercultural audiovisual initiatives to spotlight independent productions which focus on creativity, medium love and sheer fun over technical requirements leading to a ban from commercial mainstream. We aim to establish the CIM as a meeting venue for the unassimilated, the rebellious and the free minds of the audiovisual underworld!”

The Directors cut is shorter than the original and includes all the VFX that was added later. Of course the film retains all of its charm and sacrifices none of its core narrative.

We hope the success at festivals will continue and we have our fingers crossed for more good news soon.

Film Festivals – Awards

Oniros Film Awards

Film Festivals Oniros Film Awards Official SelectionFilm Festivals Oniros Film Awards Winner Best B-Movie 2017

Well that didn’t take long. Abjection Official Selection for the Oniros Film Awards in Italy announced today 23/08/2017, check it out here 

To quote the Festival “Discovering quality and ambitious films is our mission, by promoting filmmakers’ works and by helping them realize their dreams. Oniros Film Awards is all about Dreams……”

Well time for an update Abjections wins the Best Picture category for a B-Movie. That’s great news for eveyone in the cast and crew, congratulations everyone.

So once again let’s hope more success for this film in 2017/2018

More on Abjection