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Finding Alice

Finding Alice a short film produced by Smudgerhunt Film and in conjunction with Wolamywise Productions.
Berlin Fast Film FestivalBerlin Flash Film Peoples Choice Award Laurels

Finding Alice official selection for the

Berlin Flash Film Festival 2017


Finding Alice has been almost 2 years in the making, having been shot in four locations. These include Inverness in Scotland, the Lake District, London and Dorset using very limited equipment:- My trusty Canon 60D, a Canon Powershot and my iPhone 6.

Geetha Anandarajan
Geetha Anandarajan

Geetha Anandarajan is cast as the main character Annie along side the other main character Joshua Ward who takes the part of ‘The Narrator’ or the voice and controller of fate.

Directed by Smudgerhunt Films, Nor Hazlin Nor Salam and filmed by me Ian F. Hunt as Director of Photography, with everyone pitching in with camera as required.

The film is from an original script written by Geetha and Hazlin, the short version was used to produce this film and there is the idea to film and produce a longer version in the future.

For now the aim is to get it out to the Film Festivals for 2017 season.

Finding Alice - Annie gets a sign

The Synopsis

Finding Alice tells the story of Annie facing a crossroad in life as she seeks for truth in a world of lies. Does she succeed or does she succumb?

Directors Statement

This film ‘Finding Alice’ serendipitously came together through a brief discussion I had with my writer about a woman’s lost of faith in a patriarchal structure. In Annie’s existential conflict, she began to lose the voice in her head she believes to be ‘the controller of fate’. We then see her attempting to escape His shadows, as she reaches back into the object that defined her childhood innocence in hope that this would help find her way to a new life, a life free from stigmas and dogmas. The irony is in fact, that Annie in the end realises that there is no escape and that she could only succumb to i’ the omnipresent voice’ which was expressed through a lifeless ‘dance of death’. ‘Finding Alice’ is a story about the loss of faith, hope and the desire for autonomy.

Stills from Finding Alice

Finding Alice - The book has been answered Finding Alice = The Mad Hatter found in London Finding Alice - The answer is in the book Finding Alice - Wolamywise Productions

Abjection – Dan Pearce

Dan Pearce

Dan Pearce Abjection Army ZombieDan Pearce – Abjection Army Zombie

Daniel is an accomplished model with a fantastic career ahead of him. After only a few short films, he is showing a versatility and confidence of a natural talent.

Daniel is known for diving head long into his roles, immersing himself fully within the world of that character.

He becomes an embodiment of their hopes, fears, desires and demons and with his acting prowess and dedication, Daniel will prove more than an asset for any acting challenge.

Abjection – Hannaj Bang Bendz

Hannaj Bang Bendz

Hannaj Bang Bendz
Hannaj Bang Bendz in Abjection

Featuring Hannaj Bang Bendz as The Alpha Zombie

A born creative, Hannaj’s passion for the arts has dictated an arguably unorthodox life path.

Having emerged from college with superior grades in Theatre Studies, Art & Design and English, Hannaj sought to combine said interests in further studies.Hannaj Bang Bendz Abjection

‘Scriptwriting for Film and Television’ suited the needs of Drama and English and truly opened her eyes to the often unacknowledged thought process involved behind the scenes – both pre and during production. It was during this time that she forged and developed continuing relationships with future up-and-coming scriptwriters and directors. Continuation of this course would have guaranteed a BA (Hons) Award, however that award was destined to the art of Animation.

A hybrid course, Animation Production combines acting, scriptwriting and art with in-depth knowledge of storyboarding and character development. Here Hannaj could translate the emotions and actions she perceived or invented onto paper, bringing a line drawing to life.

Ultimately, the cramped and dark studio life was not for her. Her involvement in the charity production of ‘The Vagina Monologues’ confirmed Hannaj’s true desires, whilst she animated. She thrives in open spaces and feeds off human interaction, very much incorporating a hands-on approach to both life and work. She yearned to be en-acting the situations she was drawing.

Having received her degree in Animation, Hannaj turned her attention to acting. Volunteering for parts and landing roles in stage plays, such as the immersive production of ‘SNIPER’ (2013), an original by BAFTA award winner John Foster, and ‘Dorian Gray’ (2013) an adaptation by the afore-mentioned John Foster. She also became involved as a lead role in an up-coming web series ‘With The Spirit of Audrey’, played hostage in a corporate Bodyguard training shoot, and literally threw herself into the role of a lead terrorist, holding a plane hostage in the Docu-Drama ‘Black Ops 2’ by World Media Rights, aired on the Yesterday Channel.

Inbetween the occasional corporate role-play, work slowed, and so Hannaj invested her time in Tattoo Art. An on-going apprenticeship, this line of artwork allows her the absolute flexibility she needs to continue forging an acting career.

Since the beginning of 2014 she has appeared in one locally-filmed production ‘My Saviour’, as well as the student short zombie film: ‘Abjection’.

With a love for challenges and new experiences, a penchant for Action/Horror, as well as extreme sensitivity to the emotions conveyed through verbal/body language she confidently strives to showcase her versatility as an actress.

Abjection – Jamie Fowler

Jamie Fowler

Jamie Fowler Abjection ZombieJamie Fowler Abjection Zombie

Jamie Fowler is Twenty-Seven, born in Nineteen-Eighty-Seven in The Royal Berkshire hospital- Reading and now lives in Worthing West Sussex.

When growing up Jamie was no stranger to the Film industry as he would often go to work with his father and brother working on film set design and creature effects, so naturally his interest turned towards film and acting as a career.

His first role was an extra in Harry Potter, it was amazing and from then on he knew this is what he wanted to do.

Jamie started taking acting lessons and immediately started getting audition’s for films, then soon after he was getting some acting roles.

His most recent work Two-thousand-Fourteen onwards includes…

”RollyourOwn Productions” where he filmed two pilot’s with them called “The Seeker” where he played the role of “Twitch” a nasty Town’s guard who enjoys fighting and getting what he wants from whoever is unlucky enough to be set upon by him and his fellow guardsmen.

“Journey Man” Set in Ireland he played the role of “Jerry” a young Irishmen who thinks the IRA are the way forward and gun’s/bomb’s are the answer to everything.

Both were amazing projects, which are attracting great interest.

In his spare time Jamie enjoys hanging out with his friends, Airsofting, gaming using the Xbox, but in the main anything involving adrenaline sports.

Abjection – Ryan Ayley

Ryan Ayley

Ryan Ayley - AbjectionRyan has been acting, locally to Bournemouth and Poole, for a little over 2 years. His interest in acting was sparked when he was given the opportunity to extra in a local feature film ‘Stalled’ (written by Dan Palmer and directed by Christian James).

Loving the atmosphere behind the scenes, and on set, he decided on pursuing it, more seriously as a career. To this date he has gained several lead roles in other projects, and has appeared in another local film as an extra.

Having a keen interest in all things technical, Ryan has also been a avid photographer for the past 8 years, and also has a limited experience in Visual Effects, sound recording, and editing.

He for 2 years also assisted a local photographer with lighting, editing, composition, and styling. This also enabled him to gain experience as a model himself, and in turn lend itself to acting.

Abjection – Laura-Giselle Hardie

Laura-Giselle Hardie
Laura-Giselle HardieAbjection a short film, featuring Laura-Giselle Hardie as Erica

After Laura’s 13 years experience of ballet she found her passion for acting after being persuaded to study it at college by her mother. Continuing on to study Acting BA at the local Arts University, though enjoying the course Laura left after several weeks, finding herself unsuited to it’s environment, and began her education of the profession within the working world. It was at this time she found herself engaged in her first short film role and from this it spring boarded, getting involved in everything she could in whatever capacity they would take her in, from local professional features, student shorts, local stage and street performances.

Her love for challenges and new diverse experiences has seen her to help choreograph fight sequences and dance routines, face off a Thomas the Tank Engine paper mask in a Green Screen Studio and learnt to play and sing 2 songs on a Ukele in the space of 4 days from scratch to name but a few.

Since starting out Laura has appeared in several music videos, the most recent of which premiered on Clash Magazine, and feature films, for which she is credited as main cast, VO for several corporate videos, dabbled in modelling with 2 editorials being published in 3 different magazines, as well as the numerous student and professional short films, several of which have gone on to be entered into festivals.

Abjection – Laura Harvey

Laura Harvey

Laura HarveyLaura Harvey

Laura Harvey, Studied MA at Edinburgh University and graduate of Bournemouth University with a BA in Scriptwriting for TV and Film. Laura primarily works behind the scenes occasionally stepping in front of the camera believing it benefits future scriptwriting and directing projects to understand what is expected of an actor, and also because it’s a lot of fun.Laura Harvey Zombie

Laura started her own film and photography media company in 2007

Creative3g Media. Working both locally and around the world Laura’s portfolio includes working for a film agency in New Zealand and filming P&O’s new Fly-Med advert around the Mediterranean on board the cruise ship Ventura. A short film Laura wrote and directed ‘The Decision Maker’ highlighting the treatment of the sick and disabled by ATOS gained over 2,000 views within 48hrs when released through social media. Laura has also written 2 festival award winning scripts and is currently writing and directing a new web series ‘With the Spirit of Audrey’ which begins filming soon.

In 2010 Laura performed a successful one woman show entitled “Kia Kaha Wahine’ (meaning ‘be strong women’ in Maori) based upon her book of the same title. Kia Kaha Wahine is a moving, inspirational and often very funny book based around her own experiences with Ovarian Cancer. Supported by Macmillan Cancer and local cancer charities Kia Kaha Wahine is due to be re-published via Amazon and Kindle later on this year.Laura Harvey

Laura’s vision and passion is to portray and develop inspirational and positive female characters within her work and projects whilst offering opportunities for women within media to work in an encouraging and fun environment. The cast and crew of the web series ‘With the Spirit of Audrey’ is 90% female.

Laura took behind the scenes and promotional photography for Abjection, with some of the images being used in the eye-catching Abjection poster.

Laura likes to support fellow BU media students, helping anyway she can with production photography and headshots. She can be contacted on

Abjection – Alison Benezra

Alison Benezra
Alison Benezra in Abjection

Alison Benezra
Growing up in Elstree Hertfordshire surrounded by the famous studios and film and TV sets  Alison has always had a love and a passion for acting and the arts since she was young.  In the past She has worked in different careers for film and television companies but her love for acting is a career that she has only recently started to take up seriously. Spending many years as a successful magician and entertainer she has had a lot of experience performing in a stage environment throughout the uk.

She currently runs a successful training academy where she teaches students how to perform and create children’s shows, become magicians and how to run a business… Since deciding to turn her acting dream into a reality she has taken acting classes in Los Angeles and the uk and currently trains in the local Dorset area with Nick Meany. To develop and further her training she is about to embark on an acting course with world renowned acting coach Mel Churcher which she is very excited about! Since completing abjection she has been very busy and is currently cast in a webseries where she is playing a comedy villain…. Alison is excited to see where her adventures take her

She is a member of equity and you can find out more  at

Abjection – Tobiasz Tomczynski

Tobiasz Tomczynski
Tobiasz Tomczynski in Abjection

Tobiasz Tomczynski

Living locally to Bournemouth, Tobiasz is one of the few young actors in the area who is not currently on a course at the local university. A born local, he works part time at a Tesco Express as a Customer Assistant, though he is currently the store’s Forum Rep and operates the CCTV in store. When he is not there, he is working on other ventures.

Besides the acting, he often partakes in a live stream of the game “GTA V” with friends and has appeared in several online videos. Along with that, he has dabbled in the world of writing and would one day like to write a book of his own.

Tobiasz began acting professionally in films in 2012, having only appeared on stage or as an extra in Channel 4’s docu-drama “Relief of Belsen” back in 2007. Primarily appearing in university projects at the start, he has gone on to appear in four locally filmed mini-feature/feature films.

His best known feature appearance was in the British gangster film “Stich’d Up”, where he played John Jo, a ruthless member of the local firm. Along with the feature films, Tobiasz has predominately begun to act in pilot episodes or film samples used to kickstart a feature.

In 2013 alone, he appeared in five pilot episodes as a regular cast member. As of the production of “Abjection”, he has worked in 38 projects and has another one to be filmed shortly.  Tobiasz can be contacted at