Abjection – Listya Widyasari. 1st AD

Listya Widyasari

Listya Widyasari Abjection1st ADListya Widysari Abjection 1st Assistant Director

Listya Widyasari is Indonesian film maker and artist who resides in the hectic city of London.

Studied at Bournemouth University pursuing MA degree in Directing for Digital Film and TV.

Listya as well as Directing her own films also worked on several student film productions in a number of roles in both Indonesia and UK as assistant director, camera assistant, logsheet logger, sound recordist, and Illustrator.

Listya is experienced in directing and handling multi-camera productions in TV studio and location filming.

Her artistic talent is also portrayed in her blog Maximus’ Journal ~ A Complete Series Of Melancholy Stories


She writes and illustrates for the Blog, which tells the story about a boy who is looking for home and the comfort of love.


Listya is interested in Documentary and Drama film production.

When not working in her spare time, she draws and reads books, and explores the city of London.