Abjection – The Official Trailer


Hannaj Bang Bendz AbjectionAbjection The Official Trailer a short film about Zombies and Cyborgs

Abjection is a short film and pilot for a feature film and/or web series.

Abjection a sci-fi film set in a post-apocalyptic World populated by Zombies. We follow Erica, a newly turned zombie trapped in a Cybernetic armored suit that controls her actions preventing her from devouring human  flesh.
We started filming in late 2014 for the live action sequences and location shots for submission for grading and assessment on our University course but the final film will be completed after our course finishes.
The film is expected to be completed in 2017 with the final filming of the title sequences and some pick up shots. It is currently in Post Production the adding of visual effects and final editing.
We hope to submit to the film festivals hopefully by the beginning of 2017 or as soon as the film has been completed.

Jamie Fowler Abjection ZombieAbjection is one of the short films produced for assessment for our Masters Project and a hurried version was put forward at the time. Now that the Masters has been completed we are adding additional footage and special effects we were not able to include at the time. As I write this  we are still in the process of filming a title sequence and adding some effects before final edit. We expect to have completed this by the end of 2016 and will then submit to the 2016/17 Film Festivals. We hope to have some success, the  aim is to beat the well performing short film and documentary ‘White Lining’, which was successful at 3 film festivals.

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