Abjection – Simon Schneider

Simon Schneider – writer

Simon SchneiderSimon Schneider writer for Abjection

Simon is an award-winning writer with experience in the film festival circuit and commercial endeavours. He has recently completed his studies at Bournemouth University in Scriptwriting for Film and Television and looks forward to working more actively in the industry. He’s worked on a number of different media platforms including radio, film, television, online content, advertising and video games.

When it comes to storytelling, Simon believes that to make writing truly captivating it needs to test an audience and challenge what they’re used to seeing. A good story is self-aware and knows the journey it will take an audience from start to finish, it uses every tiny detail at its disposal to ensure this. Simon’s preference is to craft tragic stories for nuanced characters he develops and expands upon.

He will see every project through to the end and offers guidance within production of a project as he believes writing doesn’t stop when the scripts finished. He performs as a story consult and has a wealth of experience in writing animation. Many independent projects of Simon’s have been picked up by independent film-makers for his unique dark and pensive style. He owes this to inspirations such as Jhonen Vasquez, David Thorne and The Coen Brothers.