Smudgerhunt Film – RED (Kickboxer)

RED (Kickboxer)

Smudgerhunt Film REDRED (Kickboxer) – short film

RED is a short film shot on a RED Epic camera.

The concept of the film was designed around the capabilities of the camera to shoot at high frame rates up to 320 fps and it’s large sensor with a resolution up to 5K.

The film central concept is the action sequence between 2 Kickboxers as they battle for the attention of the femme fatale.

Smudgerhunt Film - Femme Fatale RED

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Cast and Crew

Directed by Nor Hazlin Nor Salam and Bo Yu,
Choregraphy by Listya Widyasari
Starring Feyzal Senpai, Thomas Bett and Beatriz Delgado Mena,
DOP Ian F Hunt and Camera by Dimitrious Masouras