Abjection – Tobiasz Tomczynski

Tobiasz Tomczynski
Tobiasz Tomczynski in Abjection

Tobiasz Tomczynski

Living locally to Bournemouth, Tobiasz is one of the few young actors in the area who is not currently on a course at the local university. A born local, he works part time at a Tesco Express as a Customer Assistant, though he is currently the store’s Forum Rep and operates the CCTV in store. When he is not there, he is working on other ventures.

Besides the acting, he often partakes in a live stream of the game “GTA V” with friends and has appeared in several online videos. Along with that, he has dabbled in the world of writing and would one day like to write a book of his own.

Tobiasz began acting professionally in films in 2012, having only appeared on stage or as an extra in Channel 4’s docu-drama “Relief of Belsen” back in 2007. Primarily appearing in university projects at the start, he has gone on to appear in four locally filmed mini-feature/feature films.

His best known feature appearance was in the British gangster film “Stich’d Up”, where he played John Jo, a ruthless member of the local firm. Along with the feature films, Tobiasz has predominately begun to act in pilot episodes or film samples used to kickstart a feature.

In 2013 alone, he appeared in five pilot episodes as a regular cast member. As of the production of “Abjection”, he has worked in 38 projects and has another one to be filmed shortly.  Tobiasz can be contacted at http://www.starnow.co.uk/TobiaszTomczynski