Abjection – Alison Benezra

Alison Benezra
Alison Benezra in Abjection

Alison Benezra
Growing up in Elstree Hertfordshire surrounded by the famous studios and film and TV sets  Alison has always had a love and a passion for acting and the arts since she was young.  In the past She has worked in different careers for film and television companies but her love for acting is a career that she has only recently started to take up seriously. Spending many years as a successful magician and entertainer she has had a lot of experience performing in a stage environment throughout the uk.

She currently runs a successful training academy where she teaches students how to perform and create children’s shows, become magicians and how to run a business… Since deciding to turn her acting dream into a reality she has taken acting classes in Los Angeles and the uk and currently trains in the local Dorset area with Nick Meany. To develop and further her training she is about to embark on an acting course with world renowned acting coach Mel Churcher which she is very excited about! Since completing abjection she has been very busy and is currently cast in a webseries where she is playing a comedy villain…. Alison is excited to see where her adventures take her

She is a member of equity and you can find out more  at www.castingcallpro.com/uk/alisonbenezra