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RASA Sayang – Es Cendol

Rasa Sayang

RASA Sayang Yayu SlocockRasa Sayang – Es Cendol

Smudgerhunt Film first foray into filming a cooking program aimed for the broadcast and upload to the internet as a web series.

This was a multi-camera shoot with the main cam tripod mounted to provide coverage and a Canon 5D MKII used handheld without the use of a rig to follow the cooking and preparation processes.

At the present moment we have produced five typically 4 minute duration videos each concentrating on a single traditional Indonesian dish. The eventual aim is to produce a full range of videos to complement a book of the recipes, which can now be purchased from Amazon.

Buy the Book from Amazon

Motorcycle Journals – Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield

Motorcycle Journals - Richard Gray

Royal Enfield

This is the first short film produced for Motorcycle Journals and is the inspiration for the full length documentary, which we will soon be screening at Culture Motorcycles and submitting to Film Festivals.Motorcycle Journals Royal Enfield

This is the true story of Richard Gray and his Royal Enfield sidecar outfit. Richards passion for motorcycling despite the inevitable motorcycling accident, which unfortunately the majority of motorcyclists experience at some point.Motorcycle Journals Royal Enfield Helmet

His reasons for buying a new Royal Enfield rather than a classic to avoid fettling as he calls it yet his bike is customised with Bullets and other features associated with the Royal Enfield and the rifle of the same name.