Indonesian Food with RASA Sayang and Yayu Slocock

RASA Sayang Yayu's Smiply Indonesian

Indonesian Food with Rasa SayangIndonesian Food with RASA Sayang and Yayu Slocock

Indonesian Food with a Taste of Rasa Sayang and Yayu Slocock

Smudgerhunt Film’s first foray into filming a cooking program aimed for the broadcast/DVD markets  and also uploaded to the internet as a web series.

This was a multi-camera shoot with the main camera a Panasonic AF101 fitted with a Nikon 50mm lens and tripod mounted to provide general coverage, and the second camera a Canon 5D MKII fitted with a macro lens, the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM, used handheld without the benefit of a shoulder rig to follow the cooking and preparation processes. We also used a small slider for dolly shots, tracking in and from side to side. Uniquely we use the slider to support the camera looking down onto the subject and used gravity to zoom onto the food dishes and ingredients positioned below.

We have produced five short films typically of 4 minutes duration,  with each  video concentrating on a single traditional Indonesian food. The eventual aim is to produce a comprehensive  range of videos to complement a series of 2 books of the Indonesian food recipes, these books can now be purchased from Amazon or directly from A Taste of RASA Sayang in Wimborne Dorset.

A Taste of RASA Sayang run a number of Indonesian Food cooking courses throughout the year from a large private Georgian dwelling based in Wimborne, Dorset. From the same location they also run art classes in watercolour painting, specialising in flowers and nature.

The Videos

Chicken Satay

Chicken Lemon Grass

ES Cendol

And finally the Indonesian Food Books

Buy the Book from Amazon

Motorcycle Journals – Royal Enfield

Motorcycle Journals Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield

Motorcycle Journals - Richard Gray

Royal Enfield

This is the first short film produced for Motorcycle Journals and is the inspiration for the full length documentary, which we will soon be screening at Culture Motorcycles and submitting to Film Festivals.Motorcycle Journals Royal Enfield

This is the true story of Richard Gray and his Royal Enfield sidecar outfit. Richards passion for motorcycling despite the inevitable motorcycling accident, which unfortunately the majority of motorcyclists experience at some point.Motorcycle Journals Royal Enfield Helmet

His reasons for buying a new Royal Enfield rather than a classic to avoid fettling as he calls it yet his bike is customised with Bullets and other features associated with the Royal Enfield and the rifle of the same name.

Abjection – Makeup and Costume

Abjection makeup and costume

Makeup and Costume

Jiayi Li Abjection VFX MakeupVFX Makeup Artist

Jiayi Li began to study painting and sketching skills at five years old.

These skills helped him to start a Degree course in creature design at the age of twenty when he studied on the FDA make-up course at The Arts University College at Bournemouth in 2010. He has produced historical hairdressing, stage make up, and special effect makeup working on several filming projects and fashion photo shoots.

He is also experience with using Photoshop and Zbrush.

Jiayi has graduated as an VFX makeup artist with sculpting, model making and fibre glassing skills from the Arts University Bournemouth.

Jiayi Li is credited as joint creator for Abjection, designer of the armoured suit and makeup concepts for this film pilot. He was responsible for the Helmet design, which was influenced in part by his interest in Anime art.

“Abjection” body suit is one part of Jiayi major BA make-up work. The aim of the unit is to provide the opportunity to challenge the limits of his personal makeup and making skills, as well as his design and character development skills. Also to increase his make-up transformation knowledge through experimentation.

Currently he is working as an employee for Cinemorph Special Effects workshop in Beijing.

Abjection - Tanya MarieTanya Marie – Costume

Tanya Marie is a 23 year old Textiles Artist, Costumier and Workshop Teacher located in Bournemouth, Dorset. She graduated from The Arts University Bournemouth with a BA (Hon’s) in Costume with Performance Design where she undertook an extensive course of studies including historical costume, textiles techniques and costume for stage and screen. Throughout her degree Tanya Marie taught workshops in crochet, knitting and textural elements. Her favorite workshop to date was teaching crochet tea party items such as swiss rolls and cakes, which could be turned into key rings, soft, play sets and dangle bookmarks. Balloons for Children Disability group noticed her way of including everyone in all workshops and asked her to stay on as a disabilities teacher. Tanya Marie still runs workshops all over the south coast and loves to see others creativity and visions emerge.

Tanya Marie’s love of sewing and crafts came from her mother who always made sure she has a fully stocked sewing kit and from a young age she has never been far from a needle and thread. Her first costume was a flower fairy from A Midsummer Nights Dream and from this project she continued onto making an elfin dress and several dance costumes. Throughout her GCSE’s and A Levels she was constantly making one outfit or another and her final costumes, two dresses inspired from the book ‘Of Bees and Mist’, gained her second place in the Bookrooms inspiration competition, alongside second place in the costume in nature competition. It was these awards that prompted her to continue down the path of costume and apply to the BA (Hon’s) program.

She was welcomed by the crew to help finalise the “Abjection” body suit which consisted of attaching several pieces of armour to the base costume and working to a very quick deadline.

Currently she is working as a Workshop Leader in Fashion and Costume for disabled students as well as a Trainee Teacher on the Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset SCITT Program.

Tanya Marie Facebook Page

Tanya Marie Website


Abjection Makeup - Jenna BaronJenna Barron Makeup artist

Jenna Barron is a Makeup artist specialising in SFX and Prosthetic Makeup design, creation and application. She has experience in makeup for film, fashion, photography and theatre. Graduated from the Arts University of Bournemouth. Since graduation June 2014 Jenna has been working on horror films ‘Skulls’ and ‘Transhuman’ directed by Nick Winters.


Website – Jenna Baron