Smudgerhunt Film – Nor Hazlin Nor Salam. Director

Nor Hazlin Nor SalamNor Hazlin Nor Salam

DIRECTOR/CO-PRODUCER: Nor Hazlin Nor Salam (MA in Film and Television Directing)

Nor Hazlin Nor Salam is a 33 year old filmmaker from Malaysia and has garnered her experiences in six commercial feature films and two episodic drama series in the Malaysian film industry as first, second and third assistant Director. In 2012 Hazlin was given the opportunity by Metrowealth Movie productions in Malaysia to Co-Direct, whilst also juggling the position of a First assistant Director on a Primetime Drama series. Hazlin also works as a freelance Video Editor and Videographer and have edited renowned Malaysian celebrity show reels.

Hazlin is also a resident acting-coach at Metrowealth Movie productions and also lectures part-time in a few Private Colleges on film theory subjects. Hazlin who has obtained a BA in Mass Communication, from Curtin University Australia Majoring in Film and Television, was awarded Valedictorian for Graduate of year 2004 and earned a high distinction in the Documentary Theory subject. Hazlin’s postgraduate studies in the UK at Bournemouth University are fully sponsored by the Malaysian Multimedia Development Corporation (MDEC) and she is currently pursuing an MA in Film and Television Directing. In realizing her dreams of becoming a film Director, Hazlin’s main objective is to produce an impactful film that is not only aesthetically pleasing, entertaining but also meaningful.

See Hazlin’s website


Motorcycle Journals – Ewan Michael Riley, Editor

Ewan Michael Riley

Motorcycle Journals Ewan Michael RileyEwan Michael Riley – Editor

Ewan Michael Riley is a film editor currently based in Bournemouth who has roots in both Scotland and the north of England. Despite specialising as an editor, Ewan’s skills and experience cover a wide range of audio and visual production. He studied sound and music production first at Manchester City College, then at degree level in the University of West London. He performed as a solo songwriter first in London then Edinburgh, which he combined with working as a freelance sound engineer.

Ewan moved to Bournemouth in 2012 to complete a multimedia course which he passed with distinction. He then studied Masters in Post Production Editing at Bournemouth University. As well as film editing, Ewan has tried his hand at other areas of film production such as scriptwriting, cinematography, and directing. In 2013 he won first prize in a major competition highlighting womens’ identity for ‘What I See’, a film that he directed. His first experience of working with Smudgerhunt founders Ian F Hunt and Nor Hazlin Nor Salam was on the documentary short ‘White Lining’, which was praised by renowned documentarian Paul Watson. He is currently working on the Smudgerhunt documentary ‘Motorcycle Journals.’

When not working on films or music, Ewan relaxes by flying power kites, practicing juggling and other circus skills, and long distance running. He is currently training for Brighton Marathon 2015 to raise money for Parkinsons’ UK.

Abjection – Listya Widyasari. 1st AD

Listya Widyasari

Listya Widyasari Abjection1st ADListya Widysari Abjection 1st Assistant Director

Listya Widyasari is Indonesian film maker and artist who resides in the hectic city of London.

Studied at Bournemouth University pursuing MA degree in Directing for Digital Film and TV.

Listya as well as Directing her own films also worked on several student film productions in a number of roles in both Indonesia and UK as assistant director, camera assistant, logsheet logger, sound recordist, and Illustrator.

Listya is experienced in directing and handling multi-camera productions in TV studio and location filming.

Her artistic talent is also portrayed in her blog Maximus’ Journal ~ A Complete Series Of Melancholy Stories

She writes and illustrates for the Blog, which tells the story about a boy who is looking for home and the comfort of love.


Listya is interested in Documentary and Drama film production.

When not working in her spare time, she draws and reads books, and explores the city of London.

Abjection – Dan Pearce

Dan Pearce

Dan Pearce Abjection Army ZombieDan Pearce – Abjection Army Zombie

Daniel is an accomplished model with a fantastic career ahead of him. After only a few short films, he is showing a versatility and confidence of a natural talent.

Daniel is known for diving head long into his roles, immersing himself fully within the world of that character.

He becomes an embodiment of their hopes, fears, desires and demons and with his acting prowess and dedication, Daniel will prove more than an asset for any acting challenge.

Abjection – Laurent Durham

Laurent Durham

Laurent Durham has acquired skills and experience in a variety of media production roles, including writing, producing, directing and editing. Hailing from Switzerland, Laurent began a more language services and communications oriented career before recently moving into the field of visual communications. He is particularly enthusiastic about film and TV content creation, and is also able to deliver short form web video.

Laurent occasionally likes to perform in various crew roles, including First and Second Assistant Director, Script Supervisor, and Camera Assistant. On Abjection, he was tasked with operating a film slate to professional standards and assisting the camera department.

Abjection – Jiayi Li – VFX Makeup

Jiayi Li  Jiayi Li Abjection VFX Makeup

 Jiayi Li, Abjection VFX Makeup Artist

Jiayi Li began to study painting and sketching skills at five years old. Abjection Helmet Design

These skills helped him to start a Degree course in creature design at the age of twenty when he studied on the FDA make-up course at The Arts University College at Bournemouth in 2010. He has produced historical hairdressing, stage make up, and special effect makeup working on several filming projects and fashion photo shoots.  Jiayi Li Abjection VFX Makeup

He is also experience with using Photoshop and Zbrush.

Jiayi has graduated as an VFX makeup artist with sculpting, model making and fibre glassing skills from the Arts University Bournemouth.

Jiayi Li is credited as joint creator for Abjection, designer of the armoured suit and makeup concepts for this film pilot. He was responsible for the Helmet design, which was influenced in part by his interest in Anime art.

“Abjection” body suit is one part of Jiayi major BA make-up work. The aim of the unit is to provide the opportunity to challenge the limits of his personal makeup and making skills, as well as his design and character development skills. Also to increase his make-up transformation knowledge through experimentation.

Currently he is working as an employee for Cinemorph Special Effects workshop in Beijing.

Abjection – Hannaj Bang Bendz

Hannaj Bang Bendz

Hannaj Bang Bendz
Hannaj Bang Bendz in Abjection

Featuring Hannaj Bang Bendz as The Alpha Zombie

A born creative, Hannaj’s passion for the arts has dictated an arguably unorthodox life path.

Having emerged from college with superior grades in Theatre Studies, Art & Design and English, Hannaj sought to combine said interests in further studies.Hannaj Bang Bendz Abjection

‘Scriptwriting for Film and Television’ suited the needs of Drama and English and truly opened her eyes to the often unacknowledged thought process involved behind the scenes – both pre and during production. It was during this time that she forged and developed continuing relationships with future up-and-coming scriptwriters and directors. Continuation of this course would have guaranteed a BA (Hons) Award, however that award was destined to the art of Animation.

A hybrid course, Animation Production combines acting, scriptwriting and art with in-depth knowledge of storyboarding and character development. Here Hannaj could translate the emotions and actions she perceived or invented onto paper, bringing a line drawing to life.

Ultimately, the cramped and dark studio life was not for her. Her involvement in the charity production of ‘The Vagina Monologues’ confirmed Hannaj’s true desires, whilst she animated. She thrives in open spaces and feeds off human interaction, very much incorporating a hands-on approach to both life and work. She yearned to be en-acting the situations she was drawing.

Having received her degree in Animation, Hannaj turned her attention to acting. Volunteering for parts and landing roles in stage plays, such as the immersive production of ‘SNIPER’ (2013), an original by BAFTA award winner John Foster, and ‘Dorian Gray’ (2013) an adaptation by the afore-mentioned John Foster. She also became involved as a lead role in an up-coming web series ‘With The Spirit of Audrey’, played hostage in a corporate Bodyguard training shoot, and literally threw herself into the role of a lead terrorist, holding a plane hostage in the Docu-Drama ‘Black Ops 2’ by World Media Rights, aired on the Yesterday Channel.

Inbetween the occasional corporate role-play, work slowed, and so Hannaj invested her time in Tattoo Art. An on-going apprenticeship, this line of artwork allows her the absolute flexibility she needs to continue forging an acting career.

Since the beginning of 2014 she has appeared in one locally-filmed production ‘My Saviour’, as well as the student short zombie film: ‘Abjection’.

With a love for challenges and new experiences, a penchant for Action/Horror, as well as extreme sensitivity to the emotions conveyed through verbal/body language she confidently strives to showcase her versatility as an actress.

Abjection – Jamie Fowler

Jamie Fowler

Jamie Fowler Abjection ZombieJamie Fowler Abjection Zombie

Jamie Fowler is Twenty-Seven, born in Nineteen-Eighty-Seven in The Royal Berkshire hospital- Reading and now lives in Worthing West Sussex.

When growing up Jamie was no stranger to the Film industry as he would often go to work with his father and brother working on film set design and creature effects, so naturally his interest turned towards film and acting as a career.

His first role was an extra in Harry Potter, it was amazing and from then on he knew this is what he wanted to do.

Jamie started taking acting lessons and immediately started getting audition’s for films, then soon after he was getting some acting roles.

His most recent work Two-thousand-Fourteen onwards includes…

”RollyourOwn Productions” where he filmed two pilot’s with them called “The Seeker” where he played the role of “Twitch” a nasty Town’s guard who enjoys fighting and getting what he wants from whoever is unlucky enough to be set upon by him and his fellow guardsmen.

“Journey Man” Set in Ireland he played the role of “Jerry” a young Irishmen who thinks the IRA are the way forward and gun’s/bomb’s are the answer to everything.

Both were amazing projects, which are attracting great interest.

In his spare time Jamie enjoys hanging out with his friends, Airsofting, gaming using the Xbox, but in the main anything involving adrenaline sports.

Abjection – Qianyou Yin

Qianyou Yin

Qianyou Yin Abjection ProducerQianyou Yin – Producer

Qianyou Yin is a passionate producer and line producer who works in TV and film for Young Audiences. She trained at Bournemouth University where she undertook a Masters in Producing Film and Television. She also recently started her career as a TV assistant director in China.

Her previous experience includes 4 years studying in Editing in China, 1 year in CUC and 1year in BU Station. After trained in UCLA in Film Culture for 2 months, she worked on a range of short films in 2013 and 2014.

  1. Education Background
Education Organization Time Major
Bournemouth University 2013-2014 MA Producing Film and Television
Communication University of China 2012-2015 MA Publishing
Liaoning University 2008-2012 BA Editing and Publishing


2010 Director, producer, writer of short film Second Life
2011 Director, producer, writer of TV commercial Non-stop Streaming Samsung
2012 Production Assistant of web commercial Love Low-carbon LifeQianyou Yin Abjection Producer
2013 Production Manager of TV Show Up 4 the WeekendProduction Manager of short documentary Mother LoveProduction Manager of short documentary GalimouthProduction Manager of short drama Closure
2014 Producer of short science fiction film The Man Who FellProducer of short drama UnrestCo-producer of TV commercial Health and Safety ExecutiveProducer of teen feature film Hostility (in development)Line Producer of entertainment TV show Celebrities Know Your Place (in development)Producer of documentary web show The Taste of Rasa SayangProducer of science fiction web series pilot Abjection



Abjection – Ryan Ayley

Ryan Ayley

Ryan Ayley - AbjectionRyan has been acting, locally to Bournemouth and Poole, for a little over 2 years. His interest in acting was sparked when he was given the opportunity to extra in a local feature film ‘Stalled’ (written by Dan Palmer and directed by Christian James).

Loving the atmosphere behind the scenes, and on set, he decided on pursuing it, more seriously as a career. To this date he has gained several lead roles in other projects, and has appeared in another local film as an extra.

Having a keen interest in all things technical, Ryan has also been a avid photographer for the past 8 years, and also has a limited experience in Visual Effects, sound recording, and editing.

He for 2 years also assisted a local photographer with lighting, editing, composition, and styling. This also enabled him to gain experience as a model himself, and in turn lend itself to acting.